Ford's Approval Ratings Have Dropped Significantly In The Last 3 Months

He's not one of Canada's most popular premiers anymore.
Doug Ford Approval Rating Drops

After nine months of leading Ontario's pandemic response, it seems that Doug Ford's approval ratings are dropping.

According to the Angus Reid Institute, the premier's ratings are currently 55%, compared to 69% in August. 

In August, Ford was ranked the second most popular premier, behind B.C.'s John Horgan. Now, he ranks sixth.

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[rebelmouse-image 26002656 photo_credit="Angus Reid Institute" expand=1 original_size="947x471"] Angus Reid Institute

Currently, there's a tie for Canada's most popular premier between John Horgan and Quebec's Francois Legault.

Premier Brian Pallister of Manitoba comes in last, with a current approval rating of 32%, with Jason Kenney of Alberta following behind him.

The study says that Ford experienced a "strong point" in the early days of the pandemic, with higher approval ratings. 

According to Angus Reid, his ratings fell by 11 points in the last three months alone.

The study cites Ford's pandemic response, with "second wave highs," as the reason for the drop in approval.

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