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Some Torontonians Are Panic Buying Again & Many Shelves Are Totally Bare (PHOTOS)

Again?! As case numbers climb in Toronto, store shelves are starting to resemble what they looked like back in March, with places such as Loblaws, Metro, and Shoppers showing signs of panic buying.

Products such as paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning wipes are again in high demand, leaving some shelves empty. 

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Paper towels seem to be the primary culprit this time around, with multiple stores being sold out.

Other products such as Lysol wipes and Purell hand sanitizer also remain elusive.

Some stores appear prepared for this second wave, putting out large quantities of toilet paper and having to restock it frequently.

“Everyone’s hoarding paper towels this time” one grocery store employee in midtown Toronto said.

While Purell may be hard to come by, some places seem to be well-stocked with other hand sanitizers as alternatives.

In an effort to ensure more people can get their hands on supplies, purchase limits are in place at many locations.

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