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Fred VanVleet Just Called Out The 'Idiots On Twitter' & Put Pascal Siakam's Haters On Blast

Freddy has a message for the haters out there.

Toronto Staff Writer
Fred VanVleet Just Called Out The 'Idiots On Twitter' & Put Pascal Siakam's Haters On Blast

Fred VanVleet isn't letting Pascal Siakam doubters off the hook following the all-star's triumphant return to Scotiabank Arena last night.

The Raptors guard told reporters during a post-game conference on Sunday that he wasn't surprised to see Siakam, who he praised as the team's franchise player, go all out for his first home-court appearance in over a year.

"For a first game, I thought he looked pretty good. It's good to have him out there. You kind of forget how much he can do and what he brings to the table. Obviously, he's our franchise player and this thing is not going to go anywhere without him," VanVleet said, before throwing some shade at his haters.

"I think it's just a reminder for the idiots on Twitter, who have got to beat him up for the last two years," VanVleet said while defending his long-time teammate.

"I've been with him the whole time, so again, he's a special talent. Obviously, once we knock those minute restrictions out, and get our rhythm and our feel as a group with him out there, I think that we're going to be a really good basketball team," he added.

Siakam, who was forced to undergo surgery on his left shoulder over the summer, put up a respectable 15 points, four rebounds, two blocks, and a steal during Toronto's face-off against the Brooklyn Nets.

The team ultimately lost the match 116-103, but the inspiring performance by Siakam will likely be more than enough to give die-hard fans hope that this new era of the Raptors could be the best yet.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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