Ontario To Release Plan On What Fully Vaccinated People Can Do In Each Step Of Reopening

Ford is also working on how to reopen the border safely.

Ontario To Release Plan On What Fully Vaccinated People Can Do In Each Step Of Reopening

If you're fully vaccinated, the rules for what you can do in Ontario might be about to change.

The provincial government just announced that it plans to release COVID-19 guidelines for all three steps of the reopening plan, to help fully vaccinated residents navigate what they can and can not do.

Health Minister Christine Elliott and Solicitor General Sylvia Jones provided the update on Thursday.

"We are going to be releasing guidelines for each of the three steps about what people should continue to do because I know that people want to follow the rules and keep everyone else safe as well. So we will be releasing that very shortly," Elliott said.

The health minister hinted that these plans could include whether those who have received two doses should still continue to wear a mask, and more.

Ford is also working on a safe way to open the border

On top of this, it was also announced that Ford is currently working on what reopening the borders with the United States will look like.

"Premier Ford is working this week with federal, provincial and territorial leaders to make sure that we have a consistent approach in how we reopen the border safely, that will include the discussions about which vaccines, whether they have to be one dose, two-dose," Jones said.

"We will make sure that individuals in Ontario and Canada who received a Health Canada, NACI approved AstraZeneca will have the same rights as individuals who received the other vaccines."

It has also been reported that Trudeau and Biden have also been in talks about a "cautious" reopening of the border.

Canadian officials reportedly revealed that the border could open to non-essential travel as early as June 22. However, Trudeau has yet to confirm this.

Patrick John Gilson
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