Anti-Vaccine Protestors Swarmed Toronto General Hospital & Someone Carried A Giant Crucifix (PHOTOS)

"Ice on your head (or forearms) kills bugs," one sign read.

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Anti-Vaccine Protestors Swarmed Toronto General Hospital & Someone Carried A Giant Crucifix (PHOTOS)

Several anti-vaccine protests erupted in front of some of Ontario's busiest hospitals on Monday afternoon, September 13.

As of September 22, Ontarians will be required to provide proof of vaccination to enter certain establishments like restaurants, movie theatres, sporting events, and concerts.

Canadian Frontline Nurses came together to protest this and other COVID-19 mandates at Toronto's Queens Park. They began with a silent vigil, and as the demonstration went on, many fascinating things were seen, including a protestor carrying a large crucifix.

Linked arm-in-arm and row-by-row, the first responders sang Canada's national anthem together.

Pamphlets outlining why "masks do more harm than good," and why you shouldn't get "the experimental COVID-19 injections" were being handed out to attendees.

"Health Canada has the cure!!!" the pamphlets read, along with information on what "alternative treatments for COVID-19" are and why they're "being censored." One of these treatments included the use of Ivermectin, a drug that Health Canada issued a warning about last month.

Lance McMillan | Narcity, Lance McMillan | Narcity

Once the silent vigil was over, protestors moved down University Avenue and to Toronto General Hospital. Canadian Frontline Nurses organized several protests across the country. In Ontario, protests were held in Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, London, and Sudbury.

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One anti-vaxx protestor carried a giant crucifix while several others protestors held signs. Some of the posters even gave personal recommendations on treating the virus.

"Ice on your head (and forearms) kills bugs," read one.

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Another shared a personal anecdote on something they've used "countless times" that "totally eliminates flu etc. within 2-8 hours."

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One other protestor carried a sign that demanded their right to be "ignarant & selfish!"

Workers inside Toronto General Hospital peered out the window to see what was going on outside on the streets.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO), all condemned the protests taking place today.

Premier Ford called the hospital protests "selfish, cowardly, and reckless" in a tweet Sunday, while Mayor Tory deemed them "unacceptable."

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CP24 reported that some doctors and nurses also counter-protested to show their support for health care workers.

Toronto Police have been on-site to monitor the protests. According to their latest tweet at 4:19 p.m., there has been no disruption to hospital services and no reports of hospital staff or patients being obstructed by the protestors.

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