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Your Noisy Car Is Now Being Targeted By Police In The GTA

Police are targeting cars without mufflers.
Halton Police Services New Project Will Be Targeting Cars That Are Too Loud

Revving your engine may cost you in Halton Region, according to the police. Law enforcement are implementing a new initiative in which they target cars that cause an unnecessary racket. Noise complaints to Halton Police Services have been on the rise as people continue to report needlessly loud vehicles. 

In a news release, the Halton Police wrote that the mission is called Project Noisemaker and it will run from June 10 until October 31, 2020. 

During this project, police will be going after noisy cars that have had their exhaust system modified by removing the mufflers.

Tweaks such as those are responsible for the ear-splitting roar that can come from some vehicles as they drive by. 

According to police, enhanced noise from cars is usually an indication of other illegal activity such as dangerous or aggressive driving, among other offences related to the safety of the vehicle itself. 

"It has been observed through recent proactive enforcement that this unnecessary noise is often found to be accompanied by other illegal vehicle modifications, unsafe vehicle conditions and aggressive driving behaviours," read the statement. 

Loud cars are often linked to street racing culture, which police across Ontario are also working to stop. 

Officers from District Response Teams and well as Traffic Services will also be teaming up to do vehicle inspection checks.

Police have also shared a link to where residents can file a complaint about traffic issues in their region. 

However, this isn't the only noise that police are paying attention to.

Toronto Police started ticketing drivers for playing music too loud almost a year ago. 

In fact, if you're caught rocking out to some jams too loud, you could be slapped with a $155 fine. 

You can also get fined $500 in Toronto for excessively honking your horn or causing other noise pollution on the road. 

Stunt driving has also been an issue in Ontario as highways continue to be emptier than usual.

The ample space has given way to plenty of illegal car meetups and instances of over-the-top speeding.

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