Even More HomeSense, Winners & Marshalls Have Opened Their Doors In Ontario Today

Multiple safety measures are in place.
HomeSense, Winners & Marshalls Are Opening Even More Locations In Ontario Today
Ontario Editor

Attention shoppers! HomeSense, Winners and Marshalls have opened their doors in even more Ontario locations. 

With 27 regions moving into Ontario's colour zones on Tuesday, multiple cities can now visit their favourite discount stores again.

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27 Ontario regions moving into colour zones on Tuesday

Under Ontario's new framework, retail stores are able to open in all zones with a limited amount of customers. 

Cities like Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Windsor are all now welcoming guests

Other spots including Ottawa, London and Stratford are also open today. 

However, regions that are still under Ontario's stay-at-home order will have to wait a little longer for in-person shopping. 

Locations in Toronto, York, Peel and North Bay still remain closed.

According to the company, multiple safety measures are in place, including limiting the number of people in the store and ensuring that physical distancing rules are followed. 

A virtual lineup has also been added to some stores, where customers can scan a QR code and be notified when it's their time to shop indoors. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor