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Ontario Top Doctor Says You Need To Do These 3 Things To Help Stop The Pandemic

"I know that all of us want to take a break. But hang in there please with these three things."
Toronto Staff Writer

If you want to know how to help end the pandemic, one Ontario doctor is giving you three steps to follow. 

Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, the co-chair of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, assured Ontarians during an update on Friday that following some simple guidelines would "turn things around."

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"I know that all of us want to take a break. But hang in there please with these three things," stated Brown. "These three things will help stop the pandemic." 

Don't spend time with people indoors, says Brown. If you meet people who are not in your household, he says you should always do it outside and at a distance

Wear a mask when shopping or taking transit, or in spots where you can't stay 6-feet apart, he says. And lastly, get vaccinated as soon as you're eligible.

The province is also considering tighter restrictions 

While Brown is encouraging residents to do their part to stop the pandemic, the Ontario government is also looking at tighter measures. 

In a press conference on Friday, Brown stated that Ontario's stay-at-home order should be extended to six weeks, opposed to the original four. 

On top of this, Premier Doug Ford is also apparently looking at other measures, such as banning weddings and funerals. 

Currently, all residents are being asked to leave their house only when it is essential. 

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