6 Massive Homes You Can Buy In Ontario RN That Are Actually Under $750K

These homes are way cheaper than spots you would find in Toronto.

6 Massive Homes You Can Buy In Ontario RN That Are Actually Under $750K

Owning a sizeable Ontario home has never been cheap, and most spots around the GTA are well over a million dollars.

However, you don't have to be a millionaire to afford some mini-mansions across the province. In fact, you can find some pretty massive homes for under $750,000.

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Big Woodsy Bracebridge Home

Jennifer Lever | RE/MAX

Price: $749,999

Address: 945 Stephenson Rd. W., Bracebridge, ON

Description: This spacious three-bedroom includes its own pond, creek and trails through the woods.

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Massive Victorian House

Scott Bennett | RE/MAX

Price: $749,999

Address: 16 York St., Plattsville, ON

Description: A well-priced mansion that sits tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood.

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Two-Storey Big Home

Sydney Fairman | RE/MAX

Price: $749,900

Address: 9579 Queen St., Harwood, ON

Description: This custom-built three-bedroom home is within walking distance of a lake.

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Hot Tub Mini-Mansion 

Clare Dejong | RE/MAX

Price: $749,900

Address: 8 Simone Place, Ayr, ON

Description: This place includes a spa-like indoor hot tub that is attached to the living room — what more do you need during the cold winter months?

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Newly Built Mini Mansion

Vlad Despotovic | RE/MAX

Price: $749,000

Address: 25 Margaret St., Bluevale, ON

Description: A large-scale modern home that includes four bedrooms and a basement office.

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Brand New Comber Home

Albert Kantarjian | RE/MAX

Price: $669,900

Address: 4525 Anderson, Comber, ON

Description: A beautiful new property located just 20 minutes outside of Windsor.

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