I Had My Bachelorette Party In Prince Edward County & This Made For An Epic Girls' Trip

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Bachelorette group wine tasting in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Bachelorette group wine tasting in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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A wild bachelorette is a right of passage when it's your time to say 'I do' but some girls also want a more classy affair. Prince Edward County (PEC) is the perfect place for a girls' weekend in Ontario, where you can choose to rage or sip wine and relax.

Planning a fun bachelorette can be a lot of work and it's tough to know where to begin, especially on top of wedding planning. I just celebrated my bachelorette weekend in PEC and it was planned by my bridesmaids, I'm one lucky gal!

It is the ultimate destination, as proven by the number of other bachelorette parties we saw while there. Even though it is April and just before their busy season, the county was bumping and full of girl groups.

Instead of spending hours researching, here is what we did in this picturesque wine country, to save you some time.

Brewery stop from Ottawa

Beer flight at Riverhead Brewing Company in Kingston.Beer flight at Riverhead Brewing Company in Kingston.Megan Renaud | Narcity

Part of the bachelorette group drove from Ottawa and decided to stop at a brewery for lunch on the way. You can't start the celebrations too early.

Riverhead Brewing Company is one hour away from Prince Edward County, in Kingston, Ontario. It's right off of the highway exit and makes for a fun boozy stop. While our DD couldn't partake, the rest of us enjoyed beer flights along with some apps like nachos and soft pretzels. The limited-edition Cherry Apricot Sour was tart and fruity, a great option for any girls in the group that don't love beer.

Our Airbnb home

Kitchen view of Blue Roof PEC Home in Wellington, Ontario Airbnb.Kitchen view of Blue Roof PEC Home in Wellington, Ontario Airbnb.Megan Renaud | Narcity

We stayed at the Blue Roof PEC Airbnb in Wellington. It is an adorable bright home, with a yellow door, funky kitchen tiles and fun decor that added to the girls' weekend atmosphere. The Airbnb has two full bathrooms and three bedrooms with five beds, so it fits seven guests easily. It is on a large private property with a hot tub that we took advantage of both nights we stayed. The spacious wooden patios are a great spot to sit with your morning coffee.

A great perk about this house is that it is within walking distance to Karlo Estates Winery and Garage Time Brewing Co.

Within walking distance

Vintage speakeasy wine tasting room in Karlo Estates.Vintage speakeasy wine tasting room in Karlo Estates.Megan Renaud | Narcity

It was only two turns walking from the Airbnb's driveway to reach Karlo Estates Winery on Danforth Road. This winery is in a spacious historic barn, and it's no wonder they've been on some lists for top wineries in Ontario. It has a speakeasy vibe that we all loved.

From the outside and when you walk in it seems to be a quiet barn, surrounded by beautiful wooden beams. We rang the large bell at the front and were greeted by staff popping their head out from behind a barn door. It was a moody vintage atmosphere with patterned rugs, velvet red couches and areas made private by the separation of red curtains. We had a tasting flight here and left pretty tipsy after their generous pours.

On the same street, you'll find Garage Time Brewing, a nano-brewery literally set up in a family home garage. They are usually closed later in the evenings but stayed open late for our group as one of my bridesmaids called and confirmed ahead of time.

The beer flights here also had a generous pour, and the family staff was really friendly. It felt like you were having beer at a buddy's house. I found their most unique beer, also great for non-beer drinkers was the Margarita Gose. It had the salty lime taste you'd expect from a margarita.

The Local Tour Co.

Saturday we had a private day tour planned with the company The Local Tour Co. This PEC-based company offers different tours for up to 14 guests, typically with four stops that can be all wineries or a mix of wineries, breweries and cideries. Our bachelorette wine tour included private transportation with a driver, stops at three wineries and a brewery, with tastings at each, and pick up at our Airbnb house. Plus we had the kindest driver who took care of us throughout the day, shoutout to Pete!

Private wine tasting hut at Norman Hardie Winery in Wellington.Private wine tasting hut at Norman Hardie Winery in Wellington.Megan Renaud | Narcity

The first stop was Norman Hardie Winery, one of the larger and more popular in the area. There are private patio platforms with individual tables per group, and thank goodness each is covered because it did start to rain. After enjoying an oven-fired pizza, oysters and a glass of wine, it was time for our private wine tasting.

Behind the large winery are their bottle shop and tasting huts. We warmed up by an outdoor bonfire before going into our private tasting room outside which had a spacious bar. We each tried four wines of our choice, and most of us bought a bottle on the way out. We got detailed information about each wine as well as the winery and region as we had our tasting.

Wine tasting and sample food pairing at Harwood Estates Vineyard.Wine tasting and sample food pairing at Harwood Estates Vineyard.Megan Renaud | Narcity

The second winery we visited was Harwood Estates Vineyard. It has a smaller town feel and you'll find some other goodies to buy there besides wine, such as artisan cheeses. We had a preset wine tasting of three wines, and the fourth wine of our choice. We sat on patio tables indoors and enjoyed a cheese and salami pairing with the three pre-selected wines. They also had a cute 'congratulations' sign made for me on a chalkboard.

Glass of white wine at Sandbanks Winery in PEC. Glass of white wine at Sandbanks Winery in PEC. Megan Renaud | Narcity

Our third tour stop was the popular Sandbanks Estate Winery. They had a lengthy wine menu for us to sample, and we each chose our own wine selections to taste at the wrap-around bar inside. The same young man assisted our group throughout the tasting and he was a sweet guy who seemed to handle our increasing levels of tipsy chats very well. While many of their wines are available in the LCBO, we tried some winery exclusives that were delicious.

Craft beer tasting on patio at Gillingham Brewing Company. Craft beer tasting on patio at Gillingham Brewing Company. Megan Renaud | Narcity

The last stop on the tour was Gillingham Brewing Company. This was a more casual stop and as opposed to an official tasting, we ordered beer off of the menu and drank on a heated outdoor patio table. Included in the tour was a choice of a glass of beer or two 5oz beers. They refer to the patio as a beer garden with its covered areas and a heater at each table. It had really cooled down by that time and we likely would have stayed longer if it wasn't for the rain and wind. There is some indoor seating but there is a lot more space outside.

Bachelorette Games

While we loved the wineries and breweries in the region, as we were drinking all day and weren't planning on driving, we had dinner at the Airbnb house and played some games. It felt like a girls' sleepover in high school and I was there for it.

I had two favourite games at my bachelorette that my bridesmaids had planned. One was a lingerie game, where everyone had previously selected a piece of lingerie or panties for me and wrapped it without a card. I dug through bags of lingerie and had to guess who bought me what. As you can assume if I guessed wrong I drank and if I chose correctly right away my girls took a drink.

The second game I loved was also pre-arranged. My girls had asked my fiance different questions, all about me or our relationship and documented his answers. I had to guess how he would answer those same questions, and again, if I guessed wrong I took a drink and the other girls drank when I guessed correctly.

Even if it's not for a bachelorette, I recommend a girls' weekend away in Prince Edward County. It's truly the perfect destination to travel around trying new drinks with some ladies that you love. Don't forget water and Ibuprofen.

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