This Winery In Prince Edward County Is Hidden In An Old Barn & Has Total Speakeasy Vibes

You don't need a password to get in!😉🍷

Posing in front of a historic barn in Ontario. Right: Hidden tasting room at Karlo Estates winery.
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Posing in front of a historic barn in Ontario. Right: Hidden tasting room at Karlo Estates winery.

The region of Prince Edward County is known for its many wineries, so how do you decide which one to sip at when you visit? What about a winery tucked away in a historic barn that will make you feel like a total VIP?

If you head over to Karlo Estates winery, you can sip on some wine right inside their 19th-century barn, out on their vineyard patio, or tucked away inside their hidden tasting lounge that serves some serious speakeasy vibes.

Whether it's a spontaneous night out with friends or a live music show at the winery, a stop in the vintage red tasting room is likely worth a glass of wine. You can sit on a red velvet couch under wooden barn beams and surrounded by vintage crimson accents, though you'll want to make a reservation to secure your spot.

If you're wondering why there is a gong near the front door, you can strike it to find out. A staff member's head might even peak out from a secret wooden door that leads to the wine lounge.

As if the atmosphere could become any more of a vibe, the vineyard is also home to one of the largest dry-stone bridges in North America. You can stroll over a fairytale-like bridge with your glass of wine, without the need to look out for trolls. There is a sneaky kitty that roams around the barn though, so the winery isn't free from hidden creatures.

Vegans, you might want to get ready to start sipping because this award-winning winery also serves certified vegan wine (and they were the first to produce it, too). You can grab a bite along with your glass (or glasses) of wine, the winery offers a menu of plant-based options, including charcuterie plates. Cheers!

Karlo Estates

Price: $4 per tasting, $10+ per glass

When: Tasting room open

Address: 561 Danforth Rd., Wellington, ON

Why You Need To Go: You'll feel like you've stepped back in time into a vintage VIP tasting room where you can enjoy a variety of Ontario-made wines. They're also award-winning and have earned 23 gold medal scores for their wines.


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