IHOP Is Now In Toronto But It Looks A Bit Different Than What You'd Expect

It's time for some flapjacks, Toronto! 🥞

IHOP Is Now In Toronto But It Looks A Bit Different Than What You'd Expect
Toronto Associate Editor

If pancakes are your go-to for breakfast, then you're in luck Toronto because IHOP is finally here (well, sort of.)

The notorious breakfast chain isn't taking in dine-in guests because it's fully running as a virtual location, which means it will only be available for delivery or takeout.

So how come it's only running virtually? IHOP has partnered up with Ghost Kitchen Brands, which is known for operating several virtual kitchens throughout North America.

"Through our partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands, we can provide guests more ways to access our beloved pancakes and familiar comfort foods," International President of Dine Brands Global Inc., Tony Moralejo said in the announcement.

Torontonians can head over to Liberty Village to pick up their breakfast orders or can go through a third-party delivery app to get them delivered.

While it's not the full menu, there's still plenty to try. There are five different kinds of pancakes including New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip, and some delicious milkshakes. If you're not feeling like having something sweet to eat, IHOP is also offering a selection of omelettes, bowls and even breakfast burritos.

For those who want to have it all, their Breakfast Sampler serves two eggs, two pieces of bacon, ham and sausages, hashbrowns and your choice of side between buttery toast or pancakes.

If you were looking for a full dine-in experience, there are some locations opening up across Ontario.

Five IHOPs are going to pop up throughout the province in Hamilton, London, Windsor and Waterloo, with the first one ready for business in Belleville sometime in early 2022.

Virtual IHOP

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Breakfast

Address: 60 Sudbury St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can dive into five different stacks of flapjacks and pair them with a milkshake for a really hearty (and sugary) breakfast.


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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor