Justin Bieber's Newest Music Video Is A 'Love Letter' To The Maple Leafs (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber's New Music Video Is A 'Love Letter' To The Maple Leafs

It's the crossover we've all been waiting for — Justin Bieber just released a new music video and it's a full-on Maple Leafs love-fest.

The video is for Bieber's new song "Hold On," and it features tons of behind-the-scenes Leafs footage and even a couple of cameos from the Biebs himself.

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"Hold On" is Bieber's newest single off his record "Justice," which drops on March 19, and he's promoting the song by tapping into his obsession with the Maple Leafs

Bieber is a huge fan of the team, and he's even in the video hugging his friend Auston Matthews and celebrating a Leafs goal.

The video features tons of footage, from players dancing in the dressing room to having snowball fights and playing Spikeball at BMO field.

In his Twitter post announcing the video, Bieber called it his "love letter to the team."

And with tons of clips of amazing shots, great saves and fans in the stands, all Leafs fans will no doubt be feeling the love that Bieber is putting out.

If he wasn't the biggest Leafs fan out there already, he just might be now.

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer
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