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Roots Has A Giant Pair Of Gloves To Keep Kawhi Leonard's Hands Warm

Now there's no reason why he can't come back to Canada.
Kawhi Leonard Can Keep His Hands Warm With These Giant Pair Of Gloves From Roots

When Jimmy Kimmel had former Raptors star Kawhi Leonard on his show, the basketball player revealed his hands were always cold in Toronto because he could never find gloves that were big enough.

But Roots has got Leonard's back (and fingers), and the company proved it with its latest Twitter post. 

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Ad agency partners and Torontonians Dan Szczepanek and Allie Keith made the photo and pitched it to Roots over social media. The clothing brand loved the idea.

Keith used Photoshop to design the gloves, which means they're unfortunately not for sale in any Roots stores.

"I'm sure if there's enough demand, it might be something the Roots team would consider making," Szczepanek told Narcity over Twitter.

Leonard talked about the problems of having giant hands when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on December 16.

That's when Kimmel asked him if he left the Raptors because of having cold hands all the time.

"Oh man, I just couldn't find gloves that fit [in Toronto]," Leonard replied with a laugh.

But now that Roots has solved the problem, it should only be a matter of time before Leonard returns to the Raptors — right?

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