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A Man With A Large Butcher's Knife Was Arrested Outside Doug Ford's House Last Night

He showed up at the premier's home while yelling threats, Ford's spokesperson said.

Premier Doug Ford is thanking an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer for his "bravery" after a man showed up at his home with a weapon on Monday night.

"Last night, a man with a large butcher's knife showed up at the Premier's home while yelling threats," the premier's spokesperson, Ivana Yelich, told Narcity in an email. "An OPP officer was on site and arrested the man immediately."

"The Premier thanks the officer for his quick action and bravery, which resulted in no harm to anyone involved in the incident."

According to the Toronto Star, residents of the Etobicoke neighbourhood where the premier lives said they saw the man at around 7:30 p.m. looking upset and brandishing a knife that appeared to be covered in blood.

Ford's home has been stormed by protestors in the past. In October, he pleaded with protestors to stop showing up at his home and "[scaring] the kids" in his neighbourhood, and asked them to hold demonstrations at Queen's Park instead.