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$9M Mansion Near Toronto Caught Running Illegal High-End Casino & Spa (VIDEO)

Police busted it down and arrested 45 people.
Markham Mansion Busted For Illegal Casino & Spa

The jig is up at a Markham mansion that just got busted for running an illegal casino and spa.

York Regional Police shut down the operation, in which they seized 11 guns, more than $1 million in cash and $1.5 million in alcohol.

The bust was part of an ongoing project called Project Endgame. The whole thing was captured on video.

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The footage shows police removing items from the 20,000-square-foot home and shots of the casino setup inside.

Since the beginning of Project Endgame, 45 people have been arrested. 

Thirty-three of those individuals have been charged with more than 7 criminal offenses.

"The money moving through these underground casinos leads to profits for criminals that fund other ventures such as prostitution and drug trafficking," said Chief Jim MacSween.

"This illegal high-stakes gambling also leads to gun violence, armed robberies, kidnappings, extortion and other serious violent offences within our community."

In July, YRP shut down an illegal gaming house, complete with tables and slot machines. Police seized $20,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, Ontario's legitimate casinos have started reopening this week, but only 50 people are allowed inside at one time.

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