John Tory Is Calling For Toronto To Get Even More Restrictions In The Red Zone

Holiday shopping could look a bit different.
Toronto Staff Writer
Mayor John Tory Is Calling For Toronto To Get Even More Restrictions In The Red Zone

The possibility of another lockdown continues to loom over Toronto, and Mayor John Tory warned on Sunday that further restrictions could be coming.

Tory told CP24 that he has been in discussion with other GTA leaders regarding what other measures could be taken to curb community spread.

The city has struggled to keep case numbers down, reporting 508 new cases of the disease on November 16, 2020.

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We should be looking as we have been this weekend, further measures that we can undertake to better protect the people of Toronto. Mayor John Tory 

One of the new restrictions being floated could force all retailers to limit their occupancy.

Shopping malls, in particular, could be significantly affected as the holiday season approaches.

"The malls have proven to be a crowd scene," Tory said, before adding that capacity restrictions are on the table.

Outdoor ice skating rinks, which will open later this month, will limit the number of people allowed.

"Essentially we’re talking about any instances in which you have people closer together," Tory added.

Premier Doug Ford stated that his government would do what it takes to keep numbers down on Friday, including enforcing a full lockdown.

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Toronto Staff Writer
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