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Tory Is Calling Out Ontario's New Stay-At-Home Order For Being Confusing

He thinks some of the rules are too vague for the public.

Ontario's new stay-at-home-orders seem to be raising a lot of questions for Mayor John Tory. 

Tory told CP24 on Wednesday that he believes there are some unclear rules in the new measures. 

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What is confusing, and I agree, is the fact that it is a stay-at-home order but other kinds of stores other than pharmacies and grocery stores are allowed to remain open. Mayor John Tory

The mayor noted several flaws in the province's plan including its stance on outdoor gatherings and non-essential businesses. 

"It says right here that no person is permitted to use an indoor or outdoor recreational amenity that is required to be closed," Tory said

"But it says skating rinks can be open, we have 54 skating rinks or some number like that, and so the question becomes are they supposed to be open or closed?" he added.

The Ontario government is scheduled to give additional details on its restrictions during an update today.

Premier Doug Ford announced his strict stay-at-home order as well as new COVID-19 measures on Tuesday.

The order takes effect on January 14 at 12:01 a.m.