Michael Bublé Gagged While Wearing A Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey At His Concert Last Night (VIDEO)

He recently told the Leafs to "suck it."

Michael Bublé  at his Toronto concert.

Michael Bublé at his Toronto concert.

Michael Bublé hammed it up at his Toronto concert Wednesday night and gagged while wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

The Canadian singer's Higher Tour has proven to have more hockey drama than you might think.

After slamming the Leafs at his show the night before and telling them they could "suck it," it looks like Bublé was ready to smooth things over with his Leaf fans – within reason.

Bublé grimaced while putting on the Leafs Jersey during his show at Scotiabank Arena on October 12 before audibly gagging, according to a video posted to Instagram.

"Sorry, I love you guys so much. I'm sorry, it was just a gag reflex. It's nothing personal," joked Bublé.

"Let me just say this, if you're the last Canadian team in the playoffs, I will cheer for you," said Bublé in between gags.

The singer pumped his fist in the air and gave fans a little taste of his support, yelling, "Let's go, Toronto!"

On October 11, Bublé performed in Buffalo, New York, and dissed the Leafs while wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey.

"Now I know there will be people who came from Ontario to see the show... The Maple Leafs can suck it!"

The crowd went wild for Bublé as he shouted, "Let's go, Sabres!"

The singer may be famous for his singing chops, but it seems he may also have a gift for riling up good old hockey fans!

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.