Michael Bublé Pretended To Be A Llama On TikTok & Literally What Is Going On (VIDEO)

He made a duet with a famous social media animal also named Michael. 😂

Michael Bublé Pretended To Be A Llama On TikTok & Literally What Is Going On (VIDEO)

It seems like Michael Bublé is really getting into TikTok, and his latest duet is so random and a little bit ridiculous.

On Friday, December 3, the Canadian crooner posted a video on his social media ... pretending to be a llama.

The audio from @useless_farm's original post can be heard while Bublé chews and stares vacantly around in the duet with a social media famous animal also named Michael.


#duet with @useless_farm I LOVE LAMP. #anchorman #useless_farm #mikethelaama

"He doesn't have a clue what's going on," says the audio in the post. "Michael, you poor sweet thing. You don't have a thought behind those eyes, do you? Sweet boy."

Given Bublé's absolutely blank expression and seemingly unbothered attitude, it seems like the human Michael also has no idea what's happening and is totally happy about it. All he needs is a silly haircut like the llama Michael and they would totally be twinning!

Fans were into Bublé's duet with the popular account that also occasionally features Karen the angry emu, Gary the goose and a host of other "useless creatures." The human who runs the account regularly posts funny videos detailing how useless her furry friends are as well as how aggressive and sweet some of them can be.

"OMG, I'm laughing way too hard at this," said one comment on the duet.

"Michael has reached the epitome of fame and has no idea what's going on," one person wrote about llama Michael being featured on Bublé's page.

"Literal elevator music playing in his brain 24/7," says the Useless Farm website about llama Michael. "Aspiring unicyclist. Always has hay hanging out the side of his mouth and he doesn’t even know it’s there. His father, Craig (retired neurosurgeon), is putting him through school to be a professional unicyclist."

Perhaps unicycling is next on Bublé's list of skills to conquer?

The Canadian's TikTok game has been top-notch lately, like with this post on him being salty that Tim Hortons teamed up with Justin Bieber.


Congrats @Justin Bieber on ur #Timbiebs Hoping @Tim Hortons slides into my DM’s. I have a flavour in mind for my #Bublébits #Honeydippedcinnamonmaple

"Timbiebs. I get it, it's cute," he jokes. "I feel like it's a bit of a missed opportun — I mean, no one thought about BubléBalls? Or BubléBits?"

"Congrats @JustinBieber on ur #Timbiebs," he captioned the post. "Hoping @TimHortons slides into my DM’s."

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.