Michael Bublé's Instagram Is All Kinds Of Chaotic Lately But It's Pretty Entertaining

He recently vibed with Kermit the Frog. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Michael Bublé's Instagram Is All Kinds Of Chaotic Lately But It's Pretty Entertaining

Canadian singer and icon Michael Bublé has been getting a little weird on social media recently, but honestly, it's been pretty great.

On Monday, December 6, he posted a video of himself and Kermit the Frog bopping along to some beats.

"When you're vibing with your bestie," he wrote on the video, as he and everyone's favourite childhood frog got their groove on.

Unfortunately, it appears that Kermit may have hurt himself.

"Good vibes and a great pal — talk about a wonderful day!" the Insta-verified Muppet commented. "Although I think I may have pulled something in my neck bobbing my head like that. Sheesh!"

The singer was recently on Jimmy Fallon's show where he chatted about Michael Bublé's Christmas In The City, which is a TV special airing on December 6 that both Kermit and Fallon were a part of.

He also took the opportunity to share with Fallon his newfound love of creating TikToks, which he often re-shares on his Instagram account.

"I'm not even going to tour anymore," he told Fallon. "I just want to do TikTok."

On Saturday, December 4, Bublé posted a pretty ridiculous TikTok on his Insta where he pretended to be a llama without a care in the world.

"He doesn't have a clue what's going on," says the audio in the post. "Michael, you poor sweet thing. You don't have a thought behind those eyes, do you? Sweet boy."


Who wants to be my friend?

He also recently shared a post where he showed off all of the "friends" he has while he's touring, which looked pretty bleak. He then shows off some of his inanimate friends, such as Darryl the fan, before crying in a bathtub.

You do you, Michael!

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