This is a major change in the water bottle game. The Nestle Canada Pure Life water brand and business are being sold to a Canadian bottled water producer. It's expected to be finalized sometime this year.

The company announced on July 2 that they had agreed to sell the business to Ice River Springs, an Ontario-based family-owned bottled water producing company.

It also manufactures the Ice River Green bottled water brand.

In a press release about the sale, Nestle Canada said that it was better to focus on its international brands like Perrier and San Pellegrino instead of Pure Life.

After that was figured out, Ice River Springs agreed to buy the business.

The sale also includes a well in Erin, Ontario along with two factories in Puslinch, Ontario and Hope, British Columbia.

This is all dependent on a review process but the sale is expected to close later in the year.

The bottled water producing company hasn't said yet what the plans are for the Pure Life brand and business.

So, grocery store shelves could possibly stay the same with these products on them or there could be a dramatic change to the bottles and the branding.

While Nestle didn't cite this as a reason for the sale, The Canadian Press reported that changes could be coming to taking groundwater for bottling in Ontario.

The province is getting ready to give municipalities veto power over new permits for bottling water.

New and increasing bottled water takings have been temporarily stopped until October 1 of this year.

While people are moving away from plastic bottles, straws and food containers, Ice River Springs is actually trying to redefine bottled water with sustainability.

The bottled water producing company uses eco-friendly natural spring water and has a green bottle that's made of 100% recycled plastic.

It also runs its own runs a recycling operation that takes bottles and plastic food packaging from municipalities and recycles them for new bottles.

Ice River Springs' co-owner said that buying Nestle Canada's Pure Life business will help continue the company's commitment to sustainability.

Speaking of plastic, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. banned single-use plastic bags back in 2019.

Sobeys also did away with the bags at every single location in Canada earlier this year.