‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Hints At What To Expect In A Possible Season 3

She says some people "might not be happy with the ending" of season two.

‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Hints At What To Expect In A Possible Season 3

Netflix star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan of Never Have I Ever told Narcity what she thinks might happen if the series gets picked up for a third season and her favourite scenes to film from season two.

Never Have I Everwas co-created by Mindy Kaling, and the second season dropped on July 15 on Netflix. In it, things get equal parts steamy and sad as this comedic teen drama brings home real issues of mental health along with a lot of laughs.

Devi Vishwakumar, played by Ramakrishnan, gets herself in all sorts of trouble as she juggles two boyfriends, Paxton (played by Darren Barnet) and Ben (played by Jason Lewison), all while thinking she would conveniently move to India before either found out. But, of course, nothing ever turns out quite like you plan it.

Season two continues to follow Devi's wild high school antics as she navigates new friendships, relationships and major boy drama.

What were your two favourite scenes to shoot this season, and why?

"Two favourite scenes to shoot this season? My obvious dancing debut in that cricket costume. Anyone who tells me that wasn't me or says like that was probably a stunt double. No. All me. Only took three takes because I'm a professional," Ramakrishnan says laughing. "I also just worked really hard on that dance and it was really sweaty in that suit. There were like no fans. So that was number one. Love that scene, chef's kiss, amazing."

"And then I would have to go with probably episode 10, everyone all dressed up. It was really just cute and wholesome. And I was like, okay, I guess this is nice, okay, let's all be emotional and whatever. We also just had a lot of fun behind the scenes, jokingly taking prom photos together. Yeah, that was good," Ramakrishnan adds.

How do you feel about who Devi ends up with at the end of season two?

"I think honestly, the end of the season was obviously really wholesome. Like it's so, ah Devi yo you did it! In my opinion, there are some flaws. There are some flaws that we can touch on in a potential season three if we get on that," Ramakrishnan says. "But it is like a wholesome win for Devi that doesn't come without a few little guards that should be appropriately adjusted and fixed. And obviously, some other people that might not be happy with the ending of what transpired in season two."

If you could pick who Devi ends up with, who would it be?

"Ah, probably herself, definitely herself because you know, girl, there are so many guys in Princeton. What are you doing? What are you doing, Devi? Come on," Ramakrishnan says. "But I've actually said this before, I think in the future of Never Have I Ever — if you know we get to keep going for season three, which would be great — I think one of the saddest scenes that is yet to come is when Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor realize they're not going to the same university and that they're not going to be able to be the trio that they were in high school. That's going to suck."

Brooke Houghton
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