Never Have I Ever co-stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet played a Canada edition of "This or That" in a Netflix interview, and Barnet's lack of Canadian culture is shocking.

Barnet, who plays Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the hit series, had no idea who or what Tim Hortons was, much to his Canadian co-star's dismay.

The pair were asked to pick between a Double-Double or Iced Capp from Tim Hortons, to which Ramakrishnan, who plays Devi Vishwakumar, proudly responds, "Iced Capp," and Barnet asks, "Who's Tim Horton?"

Ramakrishnan appeared to initially believe the actor was joking. "Are you serious? You know Tim Hortons though," she asks.

But to her and all of Canada's horror, after some back and forth, Barnet admits he has no idea.

"Uhh never heard of it, I'm not kidding you. What's Tim Hortons?" he asks.

The actors also debated the proper pronunciation of "sorry," whether all-dressed chips are better than ketchup chips, and how to refer to Mississauga (where Ramakrishnan hails from).

But Ramakrishnan was happy to set the record straight.

"Mississauga, don't say Sauga. I say Sauga ironically, but then sometimes I say it unironically and I wish I stopped," she said.