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Nick Nurse Finally Explained Why He Squats So Much On The Sidelines & It's So Wholesome

If there's anything that Nick Nurse likes more than basketball, it's squatting. The Toronto Raptors coach has been known for adopting the stance at games over the years, but why is he always trying to get such a workout during play?

Nurse has finally revealed the reasoning behind the deep squat on the sidelines and it's actually super wholesome.

According to Yahoo Sports, Nurse said in a pre-game media availability on November 1 that he's doing it for the fans.

"Mostly I'm doing it to get out of the way for whoever is trying to watch," the 54-year-old head coach said.

"As a kid, if you were in front of the TV in the living room, you heard about it and I'm always conscious of being in the way."

So not only is Nurse an award-winning coach, but he's also a considerate guy who doesn't want anyone sitting courtside to miss out. We can only imagine how strong his legs must be by now.

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