Ontario's New Nordic Spa Will Officially Open In Spring 2021 Now

Waiting patiently for this magical place. ✨
Nordic Spa In Whitby's Official Opening Date Is Now Spring 2021

If you've been waiting with bated breath for the Nordic Spa In Whitby to open, you'll have to hold your breath for just a bit longer.

Reps confirmed to Narcity that they would be opening the new spa in spring 2021.

"Right now and for the coming year, our teams at Groupe Nordik puts all the energy and resources to open our spa in Whitby, Ontario," they said.

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The upcoming spa has had its opening date pushed back a couple of times already.

But if you love the experience of soaking in hot water or steaming in a sauna and then dipping into cold water for the rush of endorphins, then it will be worth the wait.

Expect them to have a space-age looking Källa saltwater flotation pool where you can kick back and pretend you're soaking in the Dead Sea — it will be the largest in North America.

Plus, there will be a ton of waterfalls, saunas, and places to relax and bliss out at this all-season spot.

They'll also be opening a massive spa in Alberta, too, and it's expected to open in 2023, Groupe Nordik confirmed, so you can have the full experience with a view of the Rocky Mountains soon.