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A Third Of Ontario's Care Homes Are Reporting A COVID-19 Outbreak Right Now

It's the highest total in the entire pandemic so far.
Ontario Long-Term Care Home Outbreaks Are At A Record High, Reports The Province

As COVID-19 case numbers climb in the province, Ontario's long-term care homes are recording a record-high number of outbreaks.

Out of 626 care homes in the province, 207 — or 33.1% — are reporting outbreaks, which is defined by having at least one lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 among staff or patients.

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207 Number of outbreaks in Ontario care homes

The updated number of outbreaks was published on January 3, 2021, and marks the highest outbreak total in long-term care homes throughout the whole pandemic.

In the 207 care homes that are reporting an outbreak, there are 1,140 confirmed active resident cases and 1,130 confirmed active health care worker cases.

Ontario's long-term care homes have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 2,781 reported resident deaths and 8 staff deaths.

That makes up almost 60% of Ontario's 4,650 COVID-19 deaths to date.

With the approval of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the province of Ontario is prioritizing doses for care home workers and care home residents.

The first person to get vaccinated in Ontario was Anita Quidangen, a long-term care worker in Toronto.

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