Ontario Police Are Reminding People Not To Call 911 For Xbox-Related Complaints

"Yes, this happened." 🎮 🤦
Ontario Police Are Telling People Not To Call About Their Xbox
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We're just over two months into 2021 but we might have a contender for the worst 911 call of the year.

In what might be the most obvious PSA ever, Ontario police took to Twitter today to remind the public that complaints about your Xbox probably shouldn't involve emergency services.

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"Never thought we'd have to say this but here we are," said the Halton Police Twitter account.

"Mom changing your Xbox password is NOT a reason to call 911," they said, "Yes, this happened."

While we can't help but sympathize with the poor person who can't play video games right now, police have always been pretty clear about the fact that you should only ever call 911 if you actually have an emergency.

That doesn't stop some people, however.

Back in 2019, an Ontario man called the police because the chicken sandwich he ordered came with tomatoes on it.

In the same year, Ottawa police revealed someone called them and asked when their food delivery driver — who was stuck at a traffic stop — would get to their house.

But it's not just Ontario — in B.C., one person reportedly called 911 to find out if it was illegal to have a trampoline during COVID-19.

Some things transcend borders, it seems.

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Cormac O'Brien
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