While the province has just announced that the stay-at-home order will be extended until June 2, Doug Ford says he is still confident that it won't ruin Ontario's summer.

In a press conference on Thursday, the premier stated that while the next few weeks will continue to see businesses and gatherings shuttered, Ontarians shouldn't lose hope for a normal July and August.

"My goal is to have the most normal July and August possible," he states. "Obviously, that won't mean large sporting events or concerts."

"But, if we manage the next few weeks properly, I believe that we can have things in a very good place this summer."

On top of this, the premier also states that they working on getting everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible, in order to reduce cases and lift restrictions.

"If we get the supply, we will work our backs off to have a two-dose summer, instead of a one-dose summer."