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Ontario Tim Hortons Worker Got $28k From His Community For His Hard Working Smile

An Ontario Tim Hortons worker is cashing in on a big payout this month, thanks to the support of his community.

A GoFundMe was recently set up for Vishnu Sothilingam, a 28-year-old whose fist bumps and jokes are making a daily difference in Vaughan, Ontario.

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Honestly, I just do my job. I'm pleased and happy to see them every morning and they give me a great vibe and I try to keep that energy back to them. Vishnu Sothilingam

The fundraiser, which has raised $28,873 as of Monday morning, was started by Matthew Shulman.

Shulman, a customer of Vishnu's Tim Hortons, felt inspired to raise funds after learning of his favourite drive-thru worker's predicament.

"He used to attend York University for IT and had to leave due to finances," the organizer states in the GoFundMe's description.

Despite going through his own problems, Vishnu reportedly is always a "ray of sunshine" whenever he was working. 

As if that wasn't wholesome enough, Vishnu told CTV that he plans to donate most of the money raised to those in need.

"I'm definitely going to share some sort of money and then keep the rest for somebody whose going to be really in need," he said.

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