Ontario's Enhanced Vaccine Certificates Now Have QR Codes & Here's How I Downloaded Mine

Ontario has finally rolled out enhanced vaccine certificates with QR codes and you can download yours in five minutes max.

On the morning of Friday, October 15, the provincial government held a press conference to announce that enhanced vaccine certificates are now available for download for individuals, and an official app called Verify Ontario has been launched so businesses, organizations, and hosts can scan the QR-coded vax certificates to permit entry. The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Here are the steps I followed to download my enhanced vax certificate. Grab your health card and let's go!

Step 1:

Go to Ontario Health's COVID-19 page and scroll all the way to the bottom until you land on the section in the image below.

Check off the terms-of-use agreement, and click on the blue box that reads "Download your enhanced vaccine certificate or book your vaccine appointment."

Imaan Sheikh | Narcity

Step 2:

Next, you'll have to fill out a quick form using your green health card number, the two-letter code next to it, and the longer 9-character code on the back of the card. Additionally, you must enter your postal code and date of birth.

If you've moved recently and your new postal code isn't working, try filling in your former postal code.

All you have to do now is simply click "Continue" at the bottom of the page. The button is greyed out but will turn blue once all your information is in the form.

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Step 3:

On the next page, you'll have two options: one for downloading your enhanced vax certificate, and another to book an appointment to get the vaccine.

Since you're already vaccinated, tap the yellow box to get that new and improved certificate you've been waiting for.

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Step 4:

Now you're one step closer to getting your QR-coded vax pass!

This part provides a bunch of information on how to use your new vaccine certificate and ways to store it digitally or on paper. You can print it out, add it to your Apple Health, or store it in your phone as a PDF file.

In case you decide to print it out, make sure the paper doesn't crease or crumple, as this can make the QR code unreadable.

Oh, and if you don't have a smartphone or a printer, you can simply call the Provincial Vaccine Centre at 1-833-943-3900 to get your enhanced vaccine certificate in the mail. Alternatively, you can head down to your local library, a Service Ontario branch, or visit a trusted friend to use their printer.

Read all the tips in the light green box before clicking on the "Download your enhanced vaccine certificate" button.

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Step 5:

The next page is just your vaccine certificate in PDF form! Keep it safe.

I saved mine on my phone and emailed it to myself to ensure I always have access to it.

It'll be a two-page document and look something like this:

Health Ontario

Good luck!

In Ontario, a vaccine passport is required to access some events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

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