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Ontario's Vaccine Passport App Is Finally Here & It Can Be Set Up In 7 Easy Steps

Businesses will be able to scan QR codes starting on October 22.

Ontario's Vaccine Passport App Is Finally Here & It Can Be Set Up In 7 Easy Steps

Ever since showing your vaccine certificates became mandatory to enter certain settings in the province, Ontarians have been waiting for an official verification app, and it's finally available for download.

The Verify Ontario app quietly appeared in the Apple and Google app stores on Thursday, October 14, and it'll help businesses and organizations scan visitors' QR codes to officially verify the validity of their vaccine certificates. QR codes for vaccine certificates are expected to roll out by October 22.

Premier Doug Ford and members of his government will officially unveil the app on Friday at a news conference.

I downloaded the app and here's what it looks like.

Step 1:

When you open the Verify Ontario app, you're directed to a list of things the app does.

It will work whether you're online or offline and can help businesses and organizations check the validity of your vaccine certificate. The app will also verify your identity using your name and date of birth to ensure the vax certificate belongs to you.

All you have to do at this stage is tap "I understand."

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Step 2:

The next page will tell you what the app doesn't do: It will not save your personal information or give it to the government or the businesses you visit. It won't link you to the establishments you visit and will only use data that is required to verify a vaccine certificate.

Once again, tap on "I understand" to get to the next page.

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Step 3:

Next, you'll have to agree to the Terms of Use. As a business or organization, you must agree to not misuse the app to collect personal health information by taking screenshots or recordings or use it to submit false info, among several other usage agreement conditions.

Check off the "I have read and accept the Terms of Use" box and click "Continue."

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Step 4:

Allow the app access to your phone camera, as it'll need it to scan QR codes.

Click "Next."

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Step 5:

The final step to begin using the app will require you to acknowledge that you fully understand that the app will need an internet connection weekly to keep things up to date. If there's a software update available for the app, or if requirements for vaccination or entry change, you'll be notified.

Click on "I understand" to finish setting up.

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Step 6:

The app will tell you it's been set up to start scanning.

Click "Next" and you'll be able to begin scanning QR codes through your camera.

Click on "Scan a vaccine certificate" when you're ready to get going.

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Step 7:

Once a QR code is scanned, you'll see one of two results.

A green screen with a check mark means the certificate is valid and the person it belongs to can safely enter the building.

A yellow screen with a warning sign could mean one of many problems has occurred. The certificate may or may not be false, but it is entirely possible that it's been issued by an unofficial third-party service or a territory that uses a different type of QR code.

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People in charge of scanning QR codes are advised to make sure their camera lens is clean for efficient scanning.

Visitors may be asked to increase their screen brightness, zoom into a QR code, hold their QR code at a certain angle or adjust the distance between the code and the camera.

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