Ontario Police Won't Randomly Stop People Or Vehicles During The Stay-At-Home Order

"We will NOT do randomized vehicle checks."
Ontario's Stay-At-Home Orders Won't Have Police Randomly Stopping You On The Street

Police will reportedly not be allowed to do random checks to ensure that people are following Ontario's stay-at-home orders.

According to CP24, the restrictions, although strict, do not give police the ability to randomly stop vehicles or people on the streets just to enforce COVID-19 measures.

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On its own, being outside is not sufficient evidence of a failure to comply with the stay-at-home order. Stephen Warner, Spokesperson for Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. 

Due to this, residents who are travelling to work will not have to carry any documentation or proof that shows their job is essential. 

In fact, according to a government memo obtained by the Toronto Star, Ontarians don't even have to inform officers why they are outside. 

Waterloo Regional Police also confirmed the news by stating that they will "NOT do randomized vehicle checks."

However, the memo also states that "police are encouraged to make reasonable inquiries to determine if individuals are in compliance with the orders."

Earlier this week, Doug Ford announced that "Bad actors who are caught, they will get fined."

He even stated that enforcement will increase under these new orders, and officers will have the power to disperse people who are gathering. 

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.