Ontario Is In For Its Last Blast Of Summer Weather This Week

It is going to get real chilly this weekend.
Ontario's Summer Weather Is Coming To An End This Week

It's time to enjoy the sunshine one last time, Ontario's summer weather is predicted to have its final send-off this week before being replaced by unseasonable cold.

According to The Weather Network, daytime temperatures in the southern part of the province will reach into the mid-20s by Friday, giving residents one last chance to soak up the warmth.

The drastic increase in temperature will be short-lived due to an approaching cold front, which is expected to bring clear skies and cooler air during the weekend. 

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The summertime heat won't be matched with sunshine as Friday's forecast predicts showers and potential thunderstorms.

You're also going to want to plan your day carefully on Friday, as the cooldown is expected to begin in the late afternoon.

As for Thursday, it's going to be a wet morning. However, there will be dry periods, particularly in the south.

TWN reports that Northern parts of Ontario could see a mix of rain and snow today.

Thankfully, it won't be a total soggy mess, though, as accumulation will be light.

Next week will be a chilly one as we head into November. However, TWN states that we could see a milder pattern mid-month. 

Patrick John Gilson
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