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48 Neighbourhoods In Ontario Have Higher Test Positivity Rates Than The USA's Average Rate

Toronto, York, Peel, Windsor-Essex, Durham, and Lambton have regions on the list.
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Ontario's Test Positivity Rates Are Higher Than The USA's In 48 Neighbourhoods

A non-profit research institute named ICES has broken down Ontario's test positivity rates by neighbourhood and highlighted which areas have been hit the hardest.

Dividing the province by the first three numbers of their postcode, ICES says nearly 50 neighbourhoods have test-positivity rates above 13.4% — the current U.S. average.

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Test positivity rates are calculated by comparing the number of people who have taken a COVID-19 test with the number of people who then test positive.

The region with the highest rate in the province is Peel region's "L6P" neighbourhood, which is just outside of Vaughan; at 23.7%, nearly one in every four people who gets a COVID-19 test there has the virus.

Toronto has the next two highest test positivity regions: "M9L" and "M1X" have rates of 22.8% and 20.9% respectively.

All in all, 48 neighbourhoods across Ontario have a test positivity rate above the U.S.'s average rate.

The data used to calculate the rates comes from tests conducted from December 27 to January 2. 

Ontario is currently in the middle of a province-wide lockdown, which, as of today, will last until at least January 23 for everyone.

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