Ontario's new vaccination booking system will be up and running as of 8 a.m. on Monday, March 15.

But the province's Public Health Units have different systems when it comes to booking a COVID-19 vaccination appointment

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Thirteen PHUs — including Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa — are using the province's call centre and online booking system, which will be live as of this morning on this website. Another five are using the online booking system with their self-established call centres.

However, 20 other regions are using their own systems, so residents will have to access their local region's website to make an appointment. 

The full list can be found on Ontario's website, but only Ontarians aged 80 or older are eligible for a vaccine appointment until the province moves into Phase 2 of its vaccine rollout plan in April.

Who can get a vaccine in Phase 2 of Ontario's plan?

According to the province's current plans, Phase 2 aims to deliver vaccines to 9 million Ontarians from April to July. 

Adults between the ages of 60 and 79 will be eligible for their doses throughout this period.

Individuals in high-risk congregate settings like shelters will also receive their shots, as well as at-risk populations. 

Finally, Ontarians who can't work from home, Ontarians with chronic illnesses and their caregivers are also included.