Pearson Airport Just Added A Fake Fire Hydrant For Your Pets To Pee On Before Takeoff

It's pretty stinkin' cute. 🐶💩

Toronto Staff Writer
Pearson Airport Just Added A Fake Fire Hydrant For Your Pets To Pee On Before Takeoff

Toronto Pearson Airport really does have your pets' back(sides) covered.

In a tweet shared on November 4, Pearson said they are "lending a helping paw" to your furry friends by giving them their very own bathrooms at the airport.

The tweet included a photo of their newest pet relief station; there are 10 around the airport for your four-legged companions to relieve themselves.

Courtesy of the GTAA

Plus, there are loo-cations before and after security, so your pet can take a whiz prior to takeoff, between connecting flights or right after touching down from a long flight.

Pet owners will have access to doggy bags, a waste bin and a poop-scooper so they can properly take care of their fur baby's business. Just like our own bathrooms, there's even an in-ground flushing system at these spots, so that the fake grass can always stay green.

"The in-ground flush system ensures that when an animal uses the area, any residue is removed from the area and dealt with a similar way to any waste from washroom facilities," Tori Gass, a spokesperson from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority told Narcity.

While there is a flushing system, pet owners are still asked to clean up after their pets.

The pet relief areas are all part of Pearson's accessibility program that aims to make everyone's airport experience as smooth as possible.

On top of TTC delays and school cancellations, so many flights at Toronto Pearson Airport are also being affected by the weather.

Pearson Airport took to Twitter on Sunday to warn travellers of the incoming snowstorm that started blasting through southern Ontario as of Monday morning.

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