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Toronto Had Over 50 Flights With COVID-19 Cases On Board In The Last 2 Weeks

From within Canada and all over the world.

Flights from within Canada and all over the world are passing through Toronto with confirmed COVID-19 cases on board.

In fact, over 50 have either landed or departed from Pearson Airport in just two weeks.

This includes 23 international flights and 32 domestic flights, according to the government's database.

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55 Toronto flights with infected passengers in the last two weeks

The domestic routes with the most frequent exposure are ones that travel between two urban centres, such as Vancouver to Toronto, or Calgary to Toronto.

International flights with infected passengers on board included destinations like India, Poland, Germany, Mexico, and more.

Last month, over 70 flights with confirmed cases landed in Canada.

If you've travelled into Canada from abroad, you are still expected to undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

However, after conducting a study at Pearson Airport, Air Canada says that this mandatory quarantine should become test-based instead.