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COVID-19 Is Spreading Differently In Brampton & Mississauga Than It Is In Toronto

"Interactions are different" in Peel, apparently.
Peel Region COVID-19 Transmission Happens Differently Than In Toronto Says Dr. Loh

One top doctor in the GTA says that his community is contracting COVID-19 differently than residents of Toronto.

Dr. Lawrence Loh explains that while Toronto is reporting community outbreaks at bars, restaurants, and gyms, Peel Region is in a different scenario.

"The picture in Peel is different and that is because our community and our interactions are different,” said Dr. Loh via CP24.

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Socializing [in Peel] appears to be less bar hopping and more get-togethers at home.

Dr. Lawrence Loh

According to Dr. Loh, private gatherings and workplaces are driving community transmission in Peel.

“It is this cycle between workplaces, homes and social settings that have kept our case count links to known exposure but have also kept them consistently high,” he said.

He also spoke on what's going on in workplaces.

"Many of our residents [...] often work in places that are not open to the public and where if precautions are not taken these jobs that cannot be done from home can lead to spread," said Dr. Loh.

"Think factory, warehouses, distribution centres."

In September, Peel Region faced its largest workplace outbreak to date, with 60 confirmed cases.

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