Polkaroo Randomly Showed Up To Mayor Tory's Conference Today Just To Scream Out 1 Thing

Who here used to watch Polkaroo on TV when they were just kids? Well, the Toronto-based children's show mascot decided to grace television screens again in the 6ix and showed up at the Metro Convention Centre alongside Mayor Tory on Wednesday.

On November 24, Mayor John Tory, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Eileen DeVilla, and City Councillor Joe Cressy dropped by for a tour of the downtown Toronto convention centre alongside the 6ix's most famous creature, Polkaroo.

"Today we're back here and we're delighted to be joined by Polkaroo who has come on the clinic tour today so that everybody could see how the kids will get vaccinated, how the plans for all of our clinics will make the experience as kid-friendly as it could possibly be," Mayor Tory began in the announcement, with Polkaroo looming in the corner.

When Toronto's mayor asked the tall teal character for their thoughts, Polkaroo had only one thing to say (well, more like one thing to shout.)

"Polkaroo! Polkaroo, polkaroo," the mascot screeched as they flailed their arms in what could be perceived as a congratulatory manner.

"I gather for those who could translate that this is a ringing endorsement," Tory said, as Polkaroo still waved their arms around in the background. "This is a character of few words and so this is all good. I can tell that Polkaroo is a huge fan of the set-up."

Who knew that Tory could speak Polkaroo's language?

As of November 25, the City announced that it will be running five COVID-19 vaccine clinics across the 6ix for children. According to city officials, over 31,000 appointments have already been booked for Toronto's kids throughout the next two and a half weeks at these City-operated clinics.

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