A Power Outage In Mississauga RN Is Affecting Thousands Of Homes & Businesses

The power is out in Mississauga right now and it's affecting tons of people in the area.

At 8:06 a.m., utility company Alectra tweeted there is a power outage affecting nearly 4,188 homes and businesses. In a follow-up tweet, the company added that the outage is in the area between Creditview to Kennedy and Highway 403 to Britannia.

Peel Regional Police also tweeted that the outage has affected traffic lights in the area and that drivers on the roads should treat these intersections as an all-way stop if there is no officer directing traffic.

"There is a suspected underground feeder fault," Michael Frisina of Alectra Utilities told Narcity via email.

"At the risk of getting too technical – a feeder fault is essentially an equipment malfunction – or a fault at a substation – similar to a breaker tripping at your home," John Friesen, the manager of communications and brand at Alectra, explained to Narcity via email. "While the comparison may seem overly basic, the repair, however, is not as simple as flicking a switch."

The outage is expected to be restored within 10 minutes, according to Frisina. Alectra tweeted at 9:02 a.m. that the number of homes and businesses affected is down to 2,522.