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Scottie Barnes Is Already In Love With Toronto & He's Feeling Like 'A Raptor For Real'

"There's nobody like Toronto Raptors fans," Barnes wrote.

Toronto Associate Editor
Scottie Barnes Is Already In Love With Toronto & He's Feeling Like 'A Raptor For Real'

The Raptors' team looks very different this year but the newest drafts to the team seem to already be fitting in just fine. Scottie Barnes just shared his love for Toronto and the team in an unofficial love letter.

"I'm still waiting for it all to feel real, man. It's crazy," Barnes started off in his article published to The Player's Tribune. "It's like the first semester of school when everything's going by so fast."

"And I wanted to say right off the bat, the way this fanbase has already embraced me... I'm really starting to feel like a Raptor for real," Barnes continued.

Since Barnes joined the Raptors, he has fit in right with the team and with the culture of the 6ix, from hitting up iconic local eateries to proving he knows exactly how to talk like he's from Toronto.

Barnes shared how he still kind of has that "draft night feeling" where he still has butterflies in his stomach and how he had wanted to play in the NBA since the third or fourth grade. Now that he's finally in the league, he shared how he's excited to experience this with "some of the best fans in the world."

"It's like a dream come true, for real. There's nobody like Toronto Raptors fans," Barnes said. "I promise you. Not even 24 hours after I got drafted, I had like 80-100k followers JUST from Raptors fans. Y'all work fast!"

Barnes then shared what it was like touring the 6ix and all of its iconic landmarks, including Drake's house. "I can't lie, his basketball court is just as nice as you're picturing," he wrote.

He spoke about how instantly he began bonding with other members of the Raptors like Spicy P, OG Anunoby, and Masai Ujiri. And while he's shown he's fully in love with everything Toronto and the Raptors have to offer, he ended off his post with a note to the fans themselves.

"So, to the fans, I want y'all to hear it straight from me: I couldn't be happier to be here in Toronto," Barnes wrote. "And one more thing... I'mma need y'all to help me bring that energy to Scotiabank, because you already know I'mma be turnt up!!"

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