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Ontario Is Spending $10M To Help Find Residential School Burial Sites Across The Province

It's estimated that at least 426 children have died at residential schools in Ontario.

The Ontario government announced it will be spending $10M to help identify and investigate Residential School burial sites across the province.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Doug Ford revealed that he was "heartbroken by the tragic news that a burial site had been found at a former Residental School in Kamloops, British Columbia."

Ford explained that the $10M, which will be used to support the identification, investigation, protection and commemoration of burial sites in the province, will be spent over the next three years.

The investigation will work in collaboration with Indigenous leaders. This will ensure that the process respects the wishes of Residental School survivors and their families.

Greg Rickford, the province's minister of Indigenous affairs, said that preliminary work done by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has already found 12 locations of unmarked burial sites in Ontario.

The Commission also believes that at least 426 children who attended these mandatory boarding schools in Ontario died, and a number of them are still missing.