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Shawn Desman Said That Drake 'Changed His Life' & Got Emotional Remembering Their Convo (VIDEO)

It's safe to say he was "shook."

Shawn Desman. Right: Drake

Shawn Desman. Right: Drake


If you grew up in Canada in the early 2000s, you probably spent a middle school dance awkwardly gyrating to Shawn Desman's "Shook," but who could blame you? Certainly not Drake.

Despite dominating Canadian R&B for the better part of a decade, Desman is no household name, a fact the 40-year-old appears itching to correct after a well-received gig at OVO Fest this summer and some props from the Champagne Papi himself.

Shawn Desman Gets Emotional Sharing How Drake Changed His

"I didn't think it was going to have the impact that it did," Desman told ET Canada while recalling his performance at OVO's All-Canadian North Stars and Drake's reaction. "He's like, 'Did you hear them? Like, do you realize what you did up there? Because your music, it feels new again. It feels like it's living on forever. What are you doing?'"

The "Get Ready" singer even went as far as to credit Drizzy for altering the course of his career after the rapper encouraged him "to make music again, now."

"I can honestly say, Drake, he changed my life that night," he gushed.

"To hear somebody like him say it and not having to say it to me was really special because it's been really tough," an emotional Desman added. "I stepped away in 2015 for a number of reasons, mental health reasons. My wife became ill, so I had to put the one thing I love aside and be just be a dad and be a husband."

The Toronto-based singer, who dropped his new single "Maniac" on October 20, 2022, also opened up about his wife's reaction to his comeback show.

"She's like, 'The universe wasn't on your side. It's been tough the last few years, but the universe is on your side. You need to do this again. You have to,'" Desman told ET Canada.

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