Some GTA Hospitals Are In 'Code Orange' With COVID-19 Patients Increasing & Short Staff

Hospitals are pausing all non-urgent surgeries.

Toronto Staff Writer
Some GTA Hospitals Are In 'Code Orange' With COVID-19 Patients Increasing & Short Staff

The William Osler Health System declared a "Code Orange" on Monday following Ontario's announcement that the province is moving back into a modified Step Two due to an uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Osler, which oversees Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital, explained in a press release that the code was declared because of an increase of COVID-19 patients in combination with "staffing challenges" that have impacted the hospital's capacity.

To ease capacity issues and "COVID-19 pressures," Osler has paused all "non-urgent programs and services in line with provincial Directive #2," which was announced yesterday by the Ontario government.

Directive 2 calls for hospitals to temporarily suspend surgeries and procedures deemed non-urgent or non-emergent to help save capacity and resources in hospitals.

"Osler has enacted all contingency planning and has reached Stage 2 of a Code Orange, which is typically used when capacity outpaces demand to ensure internal and external resources are deployed efficiently," and that this code will allow them "to continue to provide high-quality care," Dr. Naveed Mohammad, president and CEO of William Osler Health System, said.

"Osler is also once again receiving support for the transfer of Osler patients to neighboring hospitals in order to free up capacity." according to the press release.

One ICU and ER nurse took to Twitter to share their concerns about the move to "Code Orange" at Brampton Civic Hospital.

"Awful News: Brampton Civic Hospital has just called a Code Orange due to staffing shortage. My heart is beating fast for patients. This is so unsafe. Where is the Premier in all of this? People will die unnecessarily," said Birgit Umaigba.

In a follow-up tweet, Umaigba wrote, "This is beyond scary, people! If Premier Ford doesn't act immediately to retain Nurses, there will be deaths from staffing shortages. Now is the time to #RepealBill124. So many nurses are off sick. The few ones working are doing 10x the work. Not sustainable!"

Brooke Houghton
Toronto Staff Writer
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