Someone On Twitter Asked Why People Say 'Toronno' Instead Of Toronto & The City Is Divided

Which one do you say?

The CN tower in Toronto.

The CN tower in Toronto.

If you live in Toronto, you've probably heard people call the city by many nicknames, including "Tdot," "Hogtown," and the Drake-penned "the 6ix"" But, how to pronounce the city's name is a whole subcategory in itself.

A hilarious debate was ignited on Tuesday after a New Zealand journalist based in Toronto tweeted her confusion surrounding the city's ever-varying pronunciation.

"I do not understand why some Canadians say 'Toronno' and some say 'Toronto.' Canadians, please explain," Ashleigh Stewartwrote on Twitter.

The tweet, which has garnered 141.7K views, has since received hundreds of witty and insightful answers in its comment thread.

"If you're from Toronto, you say Torrono, if you're from outside Torrono you say Toronto. Unless you live east of Victoria Park, in which case you say you're from Scarboro," explained one user.

"Spent years and years figuring that out but I've come to the conclusion that when you say 'Toronto', it's from your head, and when you say 'Toronno', it's from your heart," added another.

Amongst the sillier arguments were more thoughtful contemplations, with some even linking the pronunciation to income levels, or a lack of respect for its Indigenous origins.

"Growing up it was a class and locals thing. Working class was Toronno, and if you grew up there you'd say that. Transplants often pronounced it out. Not sure now. I left late 90s," a commenter wrote.

"'Toronto' with hard T is closer to the Indigenous origin, but locals are being lazy when they say 'Tuhronno', has taken a life of its own. Non-Torontonians inside and outside Canada mostly use the hard T version, so locals also often flip back and forth depending on the audience," contended another.

Ultimately, the Twitter debate offered no definite answer on the city's correct pronunciation or if there even if such as thing. So, I guess you'll have to choose what works for you.

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Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson is a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.