Ontario Woman Draws SOS In Sand After Her Friend Abandons Her In The Woods (VIDEO)

The woman's friend left in their canoe after an argument.
Spanish River Rescue Occurred After Ontario Woman Drew SOS In The Sand

One Ontario woman has been rescued after writing SOS in the sand. According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the 35-year-old was left stranded in Spanish River Provincial Park after having an argument with her friend. Video footage of the Spanish River rescue showcases the woman being saved by a helicopter.

Const. Michelle Coulombe confirmed to Narcity in an email that the two friends had been on a five-day trip together on Duke Lake since June 17. At a certain point near the end of the trip, things got heated between them.

During an argument, her partner reportedly took off in their canoe, leaving her stranded overnight. 

"Shortly after midnight on June 21, 2020, members of the Manitoulin (Espanola) Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a report of a stranded person on the Spanish River, Dennie Township," Coulombe wrote.

It took them over 10 hours to find her in the remote provincial park, where there was no cell phone service. The Aviation Services, Emergency Response Team, as well as Park Rangers all went on the search party.

"The 35-year-old from Sudbury was located at 11:20 a.m. and rescued from the remote area," OPP confirm. 

The victim drew SOS in the sand near her camp, which OPP aviation was able to spot while in the air. 

However, crews recovered the woman downstream from the emergency drawing.  

OPP report that she actually floated down the river on her sleeping pad so that she could get service to call her spouse. 

"Due to not having any cell service at that location, the woman inflated her sleeping pad and used it to continue down the river but before leaving, she wrote ‘SOS' (distress signal) in the sand."  

Footage of the incident shows the aviation crew noticing two large SOS symbols etched into a sandy area of the riverbank.

The woman was assessed by health professionals, who found that "other than suffering with insect bites, she was in good health," OPP have confirmed.

Const. Coulombe told CTV that the police are still deciding whether or not to lay charges against the woman who left in the canoe. 

If legal action is pursued, she could face a mischief endangering human life charge. 

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