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Doug Ford Says Ontario Won't Be Ready To Move Out Of Step 3 For A 'Couple Of Weeks'

"We're not going to set a certain date of August 6."

Toronto Associate Editor

Ontario entered step three of its reopening plan two weeks ago, and according to the 21-day timeline that the provincial government has set to move out of each phase, August 6 is the expected start date for what happens next.

During a press conference on July 30, Premier Doug Ford was asked about what the future holds after step three, and whether or not that next step will kick off on the projected date.

The premier hinted that the government wants to reach all vaccination goals before ending step three and that will still take a couple more weeks.

"Well, we're gonna hit our targets first," Ford answered. "We're not going to set a certain date of August 6. As you see, we're really trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible."

The Ford government previously announced that the province is looking for 80% of all eligible Ontarians to have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 75% to have received their second.

"Whenever we hit those main targets — and we'll hit them — honestly, probably in a couple of weeks, maybe sooner, but we just have to get those vaccinations out there, and hit our 75% target," Ford added.

Ontario has already hit the first necessary target in order to move out of step three of its reopening plan. The province moved into its third phase on July 16, which reopened indoor dining, and expanded indoor and outdoor gathering limits.

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