The Cheapest City To Rent In The GTA Is Brampton RN & Toronto Doesn't Even Come Close

It is possible to live closer to the 6ix without breaking the bank!

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The Cheapest City To Rent In The GTA Is Brampton RN & Toronto Doesn't Even Come Close

If you're someone who can't sacrifice Toronto's big city living by moving to a smaller town, well, you're in luck. It is possible to live near the 6ix without breaking the bank, and Brampton is the cheapest city to rent in the GTA. just released its national rental report for November and laid out the average price points Canadians are paying month-to-month for rent. Many cities in the GTA ranked high for pricy rent, but Brampton is by far the cheapest at an average of $1,580 a month for a one-bedroom.

Scarborough was the next most affordable city in the GTA for rent, costing just $14 more a month to live there over Brampton at an average of $1,594. North York and Markham were neck-and-neck for their monthly one-bedroom rental fees at $1,724 per month.

Toronto is unsurprisingly the most expensive city to rent in the GTA costing just over $2,000 each month for a one-bedroom unit. Oakville trails closely in second for the GTA at $1,984 a month.

Vaughan, Mississauga, and Etobicoke also cracked the top ten list for priciest places to rent across Canada, coming out at $1,828, $1,824, and $1,769 respectively.

The national rental report revealed that the cheapest place to rent in Ontario is in Windsor at $1,250 per month. The average rent across Canada, however, is $1,516, so GTA rental prices are still not the most affordable.

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