The ROM Is Getting A Giant T. Rex Exhibit & You'll Be Faced With Full-Sized Dinos

The museum announced a bunch of other new exhibits too. 🦖

Tyrannosaurs rex display.
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Tyrannosaurs rex display.

Watch out, because the "tyrant lizard king of dinosaurs" is coming to Toronto, and it's like Jurassic Park in real life. A new exhibit featuring the tyrannosaurs rex is opening in the city, so get ready to meet this massive dino face-to-face.

The Royal Ontario Museum has just announced its upcoming exhibits for 2023, and one exciting attraction is the T. rex: The Ultimate Predator. Running from March 11, 2023 to September 4, 2023, the exhibit will feature over 40 models and casts of this massive dinosaur.

Dinosaur display.Dinosaur display.AMNH/D. Finnin via The Royal Ontario Museum

Many of the models will be full-sized, and you'll feel like you've gone back in time. There will also be interactive displays and multi-sensory activities outlining scientific research and discoveries about the 'tyrannosaur superfamily."

There are several other exhibits at the ROM to look forward to in 2023. The Music Born of the Cold: Inuit Art, Dance & Song exhibit focuses on Inuit visual arts as well as drum dancing and throat singing.

Lifers: An Art Installation by Noelle Hamlyn (working title) is an immersive art installation featuring "20 repurposed and retailored lifejackets created from fashion garments."

Being and Belonging displays the "defining issues of our time" and is told from the perspective of 25 women artists. Death: Life’s Greatest Mystery explores the ideas of life and death, and Wildlife Photographer of the Year lets you explore 100 images of nature.

Tickets for the tyrannosaurus rex exhibit have yet to be released, so keep an eye on the website. Tickets cost $12 in addition to general admission per adult.

T. rex: The Ultimate Predator

Dinosaur display.

Dinosaur display.

AMNH/D. Finnin via The Royal Ontario Museum

Price: General admission + $12 per adult

When: March 11, 2023 to September 4, 2023

Address: 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Have a roaring good time at this upcoming dinosaur exhibit.


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